Thursday, June 23, 2011

Penang again~

Looooonnggg journey,driving from KL to Penang around 5 hours and d other day go back by car to KL again. I got some stuff to do there. So, for this time around my level of appetite was high. I missed to taste some of tasty foods there, so i wont let my short trip leave without taste them.

For the 1st day i arrived, friend brought me to a place where they serve hot fried bawal. Mmg terangkat habes! they serve with gulai... ok,now i confius whether it curry or asam pedas ;p . Looks like curry but it taste a bit like asam pedas kot.haha! 2 sauces are ketchup and sambal belacan together with ulam.
I forgot to snap the pic because im too hungry and too fast to fill my stomach but the food set is similar like the pic where i found in google. Big thanx to!

On the 2nd day in Penang, before leave we heading to Sungai Dua looking for Mee Udang. Pergh theres a lot of shop serves char kuew tiow, ikan bawal goreng panas and mee udang.

Mee udang in a big bowl (normally we use this bowl to serve rice at home. i am honest.truly.).
My first try to taste sotong kangkung. The gravy is like rojak buah sauce but not so thick.
Order untuk sorang makan..macam untuk 3 orang.
 Daun kaduk buat kerepek?
Beli buat makan dalam kete.
Jeruk ni souvenior paling wajib beli klu gi penang.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

My half day work.

Im on my work and prepared an event for our department tomorrow. This is my first time in office after hvg a good vacation at Penang 4 days ago. I still smell the Penang air for a while. Gedik jap ;) .Everybody are waiting for my appearance. Sorry guys! im late.hoho,sape suh panggil org cuti. Ya,im off today. But as a commitment staff i spend some time and leave my bed pants for u guys!! Yaa for u! No, not goin to gave off my pants. Misunderstood.

In the other hand, my exclassmate aka my bestiest just text me a day before for my asisstant. He need to see his parents before they leaved Malaysia. They are goin for umrah. He stuck in heavy jam n bla2 ... Ok no need any explaination. 

Now this is the pass go run to the satelite building now !!! 

Hurry~ they will close the gate any minute. 

He ran like a crazy chicken to the gate before it too late. Im wearing a high heels so im to cool to walk like a catwalk girl instead of crazy chicken. Haha !! Thanx God. sempat. Ok now i felt like a superwoman plak cos dapat selamatkan seorang anak dari menjadi si Tanggang ;p
On our way back from satelite building to terminal Klia i snap this kind of face. Ehek! He said he still bear what his parents thought and advice him. Good man! Mode : sentimental. If u ask me is he really serious man? No, he is quite hillarious and cool guy to get along with. Anggap die insaf sekejap ;p He was in my entry before here.
 Celebrated his belated birthday at mc D in KLIA . Sweet 24 !! Moga panjang Umur & murah rezeki :)
My favourite ever 'choc chip walnut!'

Having a great Thursday guys !

Im a traveller

My backpack and camera case are ready for journey to the north !!! wuhh huuu~ Blessing me Allah (muke penuh harapan.semoga perjalanan yg di plan lancar). Until, my transport was breakdown at Hentian Duta. WTH? Hell no! What a sweetesttttt thingggggg :) sennyuuummmm lebar lg. Sabar Fara. Your journey even yet started :)
Ok,i try to enjoy every moment with other pax in same time fill my time with text-ed friend who are heading to Penang ask for sympathy. No, no im not good at all. Hemm.. just go with the flow- layannn~. Actually this is my first time took a journey to Penang all by myself so i have to face any trouble occured. yeah, take the challenge on my small shoulder. After almost 2 hours there the bus get back in good condition, i pray...

6:00pm- Ok,i could see the ocean, i could see the bridge, sky scrapers clearly enough to declared that i just reach Penang. Wohhoooo!! I am bless, thanx Allah for the safe jouney. Love it! Cant wait to meet the guys and enjoy my evening in Pearl Island :)

Girlfriends !

:: New bond of friendship ::

Our set is remind me to WHI or Bella or any similar woman talk show. 
Hee~ i m quite crazy to woman talk show and dreaming to be 1 of them. Ok, now you know one of my dreams. Syuhh..
My bff .
We're close as a roomates on last 2008 (3rd year on practical) til present. We sleep together, eat together even doing some naughty stuff together. Haha, what a good friend of mine :)

After graduation we were separated so far. I would say very longgggg miles. Im in Selangor and she's in Kedah. So when she said that she will come to KL for our profession conferences i have to use all the time wisely.

I planned to meet new girls who we knew from social networking for a long time ago. Basically we knew them from friend-to-friend. Currently, all of them are wearing hijab now. I am so amazed and they look so loveable with  it.

Having a big feast at Tony Romas.
I really enjoyed having a dinner with the girls. We chat till midnite hoho. I really hope there will be another meeting. hoho~ yaa i m quite having less girl friends bcos majority of my classmate are boys. (You'll refer to my bestiest and she will reply with a bow ;p ). ok nowadays they r men. haha!!

Previously at Full House adjusting for nice dinner while waiting others. Unfortunately, we have to move to other place when it turn to electricity shut down :(