Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Hello Stranger !

Yes, menonton wayang merupakan salah satu cara terapi yang bagus untuk diri saya (bunyi tertib).  Im into comedy film. yaaa..bile gelak kite akan kurangkan stress, perjalanan darah lebih lancar, lebih2 lagi awet muda. Sokong kn? Bagus..

Last night i companied my friend for a Thai movie.



Cite pe plak ni?

Dlm pikiran terbayang cite antu siam, muay thai, cite gengster2 kongsi gelap bertumbuk, kasino, lorong gelap...erk. Diam jap.

But whenever my friend point to the poster my face turn to this :) instead of :]

Antara scene yang I suke :

1) Masa kt airport Darng datang sehelai sepinggang dengan dahi berconteng.
2) Dalam flight nak ke Korea.
3) Time May tunjukkan Darng hotel die.
4) Darng merepek, wat lawak kt statue winter sonata. Haha..

Gile banyak scene yang best!! Korang tengok la sendiri.

we really enjoy the movie = value for money !
yahh..gelak til end of movie.
i would conclude this movie as a compact (not from physical shape). why? bcos sgt padat. macam milo fuzz! yeah. tiada scene yang kosong dlm pceritaan.

"hilarious & awesome movie"
by fara.

* Oh lupa nak cakap movie ni 90% shoot di Korea. Best  yuh!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Life getting busy with all stuff so you can trace how many days or I would say that weeks ive been not post anything here. Mesti cik Sue tertunggu2 mane pic die x kua blog i. Hahaa.. She is one of my bbf. We've been knew each other for the past 10 years when studied together in matriculation programmes.

Recently, she came to KL to attend a company meeting. I was very HAPPY because she took a ticket one day early so that we can spend a whole day together.YaY~!

Laparrrr .... sian die tunggu lame eaa. sowi..stuck in jam~
chowder of a day : clam soup
Seafood pasta
Fried mushroom with honey mustard
My striped shirt are similar with the hotel striped curtain???
what a coincidence ! 
After having a nice bubur nasi at Kampung Baru I feel ZZZzzzzzz...
Breakfast time !! 
Chicken French loaf, pastries & fish nugget.
Malaysian breakfast.
From clockwise : Chicken rendang (sedap sgt!), nasi lemak & mee goreng (kureng sgt!)
Orange juice for detox and caffein to stay awake.

I have to leave the hotel to get to work. Sorry Sue, I can't companied u for window shopping. Having an important appointment today so need to rush out. Please come again :)