Monday, May 30, 2011

My new headband.

When peeps are talking about the new date of Nick Jonas and Delta Goodrem (Brian McFadden ex) im also interested in, yet with another side. Not on their relationship, "nahh, nick is still young y choose her??".

No nope.

Out of topic.

I love to seeing women in stylish, well dress, nice mix n match coupled with accessories. oh cool !

Like Goodrem headband. yeahh !
I want one !!

Yeah got it!
Not totally similar. But i love it.

Zig Zag Hippie Headband was made by Diana Azmi who is a headband designer.
You may ask her for any design :)

Biskut Mayat .

Biskut is cracker.
Mayat is a dead body.

Whattt ???

Iyea. Klau tak diterjemahkan whattt ?? juga kan..
"Is that kind of cracker is really exist? Shut up". Normally for those who r 1st time hear what the name of the biscuit will feel like awkward. Huh ? Mesti ingat member main2 kn.. haha.. Macam seram giler je nak makan kan..

Dulu mase student pun terkejut juga bile orang sebut pasal biskut mayat. Pelik.
" why 'mayat' meh ? . "
"sebab biskut ni dihidang time ade kematian".
oh yea. Takkan nak masak2 macam buat kenduri pulak kan. So dari situ rupenye biskut ni dapat name.

When one of my friend updated her fb status today about how she's curious about the biskut mayat ... i'm the 1st person who reply her just to convienced her that the biscuit is really exist! haha~ sebab da tau asal usul  biskut tuu :)

So to all the guys yg teringin sangat nak tengok hows d look like of this biscuit. Horror ke x rupe die. Lets have a look !

Ler macam ni je ker?

Ha ah.

Since I was kid, i call this cracker "biskut lemak".

Any one?