Saturday, January 22, 2011

My 1st niece.Nice!

p/s- Delayed post.

                                                      "We can't wait for the due date!".

All of family members waiting patiently for the new born. Actually i aimed my lil' sis,dyla will  deliver her baby on 11-1-11. She also wished for the date as well. On the other side, my bff, Tia hoping the birth will be on her bday 13th of Jan. At last, my niece come out on 12-1-11 at 11.05pm. Hee..ok la tu.12-1=11, rite? Be the next genius Maths ok baby gal!

                                              "Hye!My name is Mia Medina Johor Bt Meor Fadzlan Johor".

I received mms from my lil' sis 2 hours after she gave a birth to this adorable baby girl. I'm autie now! Weee~ Cant wait to see her tomorrow. So yes, I was very happy! Plus proud to my sis for the normal birth.

                                           Ini lah yg akan blaku sekiranya bayi anda lahir pd waktu mlm.
                                                                          Waktu siang die tido.
                                                                    Sume org kaco pn x sedar.

                                                                "A loving aunty",said granny ;p

2008 - 2011.

The most excited thing when u stay alone (at home), then :
1) ur old friend text / call u
2) she want to meet up
3) bring along the others

Definitely the answer is yay! then yes.

Here are some pics that describe how we missed each other for a long time. Tq so much to Afiq (sue's bf) for captured us.(Nasib baik mall mau tutup,klu x lg byk )
The best thing about our friendship is VARY from ages, personality, states (northern, eastern & southwest) etc. The obvious thing we share is PETITE :) below 45kg.(biler kte nk mbesar huh?)

Free Style!
From left- Anis, Fara & Sue.

:: we start close in Bangsar, 2008 til now ::

Time to go home.Sume anta saye smpi parking mlm tu.Tq sygs n bf kamo2 sume ;)
Hope to c u guys again.