Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Bowling games.

Ok,the previous post im at Solaris then straight went to Alamanda Bowl. This game was organized by my colleague where this game is internal games among the officemate. Then the higher scorer are going to be selected for KLIA bowling tournament which will be held on next weekend. Weee~~nervousness!

I am like the pro poyoness ever. cos mmg x pro pn. Tehee~~
Actually, my attendance here x memberi cabaran kepada sesiapa pun. Haha!!  Datang hanya untuk memeriahkan suasana sahaja. The more the merrier ! 
Jom layan gelagat mereka..

Ok, keputusannya saya terpilih untuk mewakili Jabatan. Giler. Kompem strike... longkang!
Balik dari main bowling rase sakit2 badan, sebab terlampau lama tidak beraksi di bowling lane. hihi... Xtau la big games for next week. Klu saya x post anything about the games dengan kate lain SAYA KALAH. meoww~ Orang lain bawa pom2, saya bawa bendera putih (kata2 tidak berani mencuba. adek2 jangan tiru akak ini yah!haha)

Bijou Bazaar

This is last weekend event which is held at MAP@Solaris Dutamas. It is a good thing to involve in this kind of event for those people who have a product such as cloths, shoes, bags, accesories, foods, crafts etc. You  probably found out this event is more likely to art bazaar but in a comfortable atmosphere. The product offered here often found at flea market or garage sale. Additionally, this kind of event gave a space and opportunity to independent labels to introduce their product to public. To the vintage lover I believe that they were hunt to this place as well.

Oh yaa, this is one of my colleague when in campus. She approached  me first. Happy to know that you still remember my name after 5 years. When in Uni we were participated in traditional  dance together and our group won in the 1st place! Sweet memory~
Got a chance to taste a carrot cheese cake. Yummy.
Meet my cousin's friend and her cute fierce daughter at entrance ;p
P/s- Ok, nak buat ala2 LookBook.Tehee~
What I wore for this event is base of myself. I loves white, casual look, simplicity & comfy.
Top from Cotton On//Grey pants from Nichii// Shoe from Vincci//Bag from Guess//Owl necklace from Sungei Wang//Bracelet from Maju Junction.

Last but not least, I bought an earing, hair accessories & tops. While my partner bought a shirt & badges :)
I have to leave this place early to joined bowling games with my office mate at Alamanda. So drive all the way from Jln Duta to Putrajaya. Vroommmm!!

Spend some time with sister.

After Dyla finished her confinement period after giving birth to adorable baby Medina so this is a time for her to take a place for herself. Shopping time! Weeee~ luv. luv. Just 2 of us. Baby are care by papa. We arrived at mall in afternoon. Our tummy were craving for food so much so Dyla decided to having a lunch at Chilis. Orang lepas bis pantang kn. So follow jer.. Unfortunately, Chilis are full house like usual so we are recommended by the hostess to come back after 20 minutes. So we used the time to go to Body Shop looking for Dyla needs.
Try for face powder.

At last time to serve our tummy. Aummm~ We decide to order appertizer and main course first to avoid from waste them. My all time favourite nachos!! They have beef on top of nachos then cover with melted cheese and jalapeno. Served with pico de gallo and sour cream. Hot, crunchy & fresh !
Kinckin' jack nachos

Here is the main course, they are beef, chicken and prawn. Thats why they called trio. All of them are grill together with onion and bell peppers. Wrap them with tortillas. Dont forget to squeeze the lime first. Oh yaa, this course is served with warm tortillas,guacamole, sour cream, cheese & pico de gallo. 
Fajita trio.

 Then u wrap all the fajitas with tortilla like this !
Dyla eat pose.
This is my last nachos that Dyla forcing me to finished them btw I am full.

Burn calories by walking from one shop to another shop. Not in vain to spend some time here because lots of sales occured today. Wee~seronot! Terutama kepada ibu lepas pantang yang get back to her original weight. ye kah?? ;p
See! The satisfied face after purchase 3 tops. Ishh3..
Our last stop at juices kiosk. yuck! X sedap air celery.

Model for Afra Makeup Studio

Wello everybody! Hopefully all the readers are doing fine.  Amin... Ok, this is the last 2 weeks activity actually. Berghhh!! Haha... I'm kind of  go through a hectic life style nowadays. So this post are categorized in delay post. hihi... Normally, I'll be make sure that my offday will fulfill with something to do instead of work, work and work. I am admit that quite tired after went back home but that was awesome! Because my life are surrounding with something. 'Something' is known as any new field for me. Just wanna have fun, make more friends and enjoy the new experience !

I've been offered by Afra Makeup Studio (who owns by Afra) to be a makeup model for her student. Actually Afra is one of my friends in Facebook :) . So, this is my first time we meet in person. We're at the same age so I'm quite comfortable making any conversation beside she's pretty much a friendly type. 
The outcomes ! Teheee..... Tetibe je kan.. without the face before. Actually, da apply concealer br teringat nak snap. Kui3... This is makeup for bridal. Afra will teach u from basic to advance of 2 days workshop. For futhermore contact her here. I am quite rarely into make up. So when the time look at mirror totally is not like me. Blurp~ Good job Dyna !

Hair do session.
Dyna, who's make up me previously.
Afra, pro. makeup artis.

Lastly, I hope Dyna (the student) will be next a pro mua and Afra will be successful in her business. Nowadays, she is more in workshop lesson and shooting for extreme make up field . Ala2 shooting for ANTM tuu.. Best2!! All the best !

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

On my leave ..

My lil sis daughter, baby medina turn to 2 months and 4 days today . 
This is my 1st time companied them for medina immunisation routine .

Clinic on scene .

I hold the baby cos my sis quite not confident to did, her husband done before. so thats why im here .

While waiting for take drive thru order, snap the lil girl .

She enjoy watching a tv .

Our lunch for today are fried mix vegetables, chicken kurma & sundae ice cream .
I cooked them :p

Monday, March 14, 2011

Tutti Fruitti

Tutti ini tiada kaitan dgn Tutty gadis semasa mahupun sabun badan fruitty atau fruitale. For those who r still new to hear bout the title above you will know after you finish the line except who are stay around KL / Selangor most of them already knew about this place la kn .. kn.. Most the outlets are place in big mall in Klang valley . Tapi , jangan xtau kat area rumah i pn ade ;p .heee...Bandar Baru Bangi , TTDI pun ade jg :)

Ok, this shop are serve frozen yogurt with many kind of flavors . It may looks like normal ice cream until they absorp into your tongue . Argghhh , i feel good udd uddd... You will feels the icy cool together with sour taste of yogurt. In fact, this shop apply DIY concept where  you have to :

a) pick a cup 1st,they are display in 3 types of  different sizes . 
b) then make your own by pull the machine depend on how much of yogurt you want according to your favourite flavor . Mix all of them ! Huahahaa.. Ok .
c) Choose for the topping ; hersley syrup / choc, grapes, nata de coco, corn flakes, choc chips, oreo bits, peanuts,bla,bla.. .
d) Queue for the weight and pay . Easy !

Time for taste buds !

Mine are good ! Love the brownies bits with choc flavor most !


Bahaya radiasi & bahan kimia plastik .

Hari ini berita mengenai kesihatan banyak dilaporkan di kaca tv, berikutan dengan kemunculan Menteri Kesihatan mengumumkan beberapa perkara penting yang perlu dipandang serius dan perlu diberi perhatian yang lebih oleh penduduk Malaysia . Antara perkara yang di'highlight'kan ialah mengenai :

i) pengimportan makanan dari negara Jepun.

Umum mengetahui bahawa baru2 ini dunia telah dikejutkan dengan satu gegaran gempa bumi dari dasar laut di pantai timur laut Sendai  yang berukuran 8.9 skala richter yang menyebabkan beberapa bencana lain seperti tsunami  setinggi 10 meter dan kebakaran di negara tersebut . * Pray for them * Ekoran dari bencana ini, berlaku kebocoran pada salah satu loji janakuasa nuklear yang menyebabkan pendedahan kepada radiasi . Memandangkan Malaysia mengimport makanan seperti hasil ikan , buah- buahan , makanan dalam tin , bahan bijirin dan minuman dari negara Jepun, maka selepas ini kemasukan bahan makanan ini akan lebih diperketatkan bagi menjamin keselamatan makanan dari terdedah kepada ancaman bahan radiasi . This news is quiet dissapointed for myself cos im a japanese food loverrrrr.. So ini lagi satu cabaran kerja kepada penguatkuasa Kesihatan dan lain- lain agensi di semua pintu masuk antarabangsa . Kerja kuat yea klu tak cukup pegawai boleh panggil saya :)

ii) bahaya penggunaan botol susu berasaskan polycarbonate .

* ok, sape2 yg study kimia boleh huraikan unsur2 yg terdapat di dalam polycarbonate (-O-(C=O)-O-)  

Bahan polimer ini digunakan di dalam pembuatan botol susu untuk jadikannya keras dan kelihatan lutsinar selain sifatnya yang mudah dibentuk . Bahan kimia bisphenol A (BPA) ini banyak digunakan di dalam industri pembuatan bahan komoditi dan kejuruteraan yang melibatkan plastik . Ok, bahayanya pula ialah boleh mengakibatkan gangguan kepada sistem dan fungsi tubuh pada bayi yang menggunakan botol susu yang mengandungi bahan kimia di tersebut . Jadi kepada adek saya dan ibubapa yang lain yang mana ingin mula menyusukan bayi menggunakan botol susu . You all have to be more ALERT oke ! 

my niece, medina cyg yang da mula hisap botol susu sbb mamanya da kne msk kje soon .

Eat fresh for youthful .

Having a fast and healthy lunch :)

Bismillah ...

Hearty Italian Bread with turkey inside plus tomato , cucumber and pickles .

Honey Oat Bread with jalapeno peppers , yellow mustard , minced crap , beef bacon .

Subway's choc chip cookies with ice lemon tea .

Finished all them with a big smile :))

Alhamdulillah ...

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Jumaat is Friday .

Date   :  10 Feb 2011 .
Time   :  9am onward . 
Place  :   Office .
Temp  :  Idk . But it was freezy & damn cold . (centralise a/c)
Mood  :   Bored .