Friday, February 25, 2011

Caffeine makes me GO (!)

GO above mean i can`t slept last night after having a glass of mocha frappucino when meeting a long lost friend at midval. It makes me active at midnight. So i  have 2 do something to make myself sleepy~ fall a sleep quick! I need 2 go 2 office in a morning, have to prepare a presentation for the next monday. When a clock reach to 1am, I feel like i wanna start an engine and hang out with friend who just finished a volleyball games. There must be a lot of stuff to talk about after match. Btw, im a former volleyball player long time ago :) .Still on bed... 2am...3am..Zzzz...

What makes me drink a coffea?
1) Step in Starbuck, their specialty in coffea influent me 2 try 1! ;p
2) Still early for consume it :) , around 8++pm i guess (too poor,my watch is out of bat) .
3) My friend is a coffea drinker. A good friend will accompany her friend in any pure! ;p
4) A comfortable place to hang out so make the environment of conversation smoothly and relax.

I start drink a coffea at early of 20 years old because I hate the strong smell when I was a kid. It makes me feel dizziness. Oh God, please brew your coffea in a vacuum room/ store to avoid me from smell it. But ,  it was change when I stepped in campus life. I really need a caffeine to keep me stay awake when it comes to big exam. It helps a lot in energy boost unfortunately within temporary period only. After a week I get used to smell the aroma~ ~ Oke, there are a few statement that say if you drink coffea will increase ur alertness and ability of concentration and in other hand it may  cause to headaches, insomia and nervousness ( I do feel all the symptom). Thats why i rarely take it in my daily diet. But I enjoy when it comes with whip cream or mix up with hazelnut/ caramel. Yummy~

I just took a coffea again when having a breakfast this morning. Am I start addicted to it? Hopefully not.

Sunday, February 13, 2011


When I was in Uni, I hv a few of best buddies. Too many to list down here but one of them is Tia. I found out that she was leaving Msia last month before. As a friend who still keepin touch the news was quite upset for me and others. But in other hand the chance is a good thing 2 grap!

So that, after work I went to Pan Pacific Hotel straight away from my office. Tia asked me to come here instead of waiting her in Terminal. The hotel provide a free indoor service from Terminal to hotel so Im glad that I can save my energy for another 6 hours before she depart. 

The road which I always use to go to office.
An advance birthday present from her to us (me & yan)!
They r sooooo cute!
Time to leave the hotel.
Cek - in time.
My face after cry. Hee~
Time's up!
Bye :(

Im d last person who send her n family to the gate which is situated at satelit building. Benefit for me to work here, cos I hv a pass which I can access most of the lane ;p. When she hugs me, I tried to speak but words came out so hard. Slowly I could feel my  eyes misting over and she realised that I was on tears. shedding tears of joy or was it sadness. Anyway it was good to her know that I cry, so  Im a human.  No woman, no cry~ (tetibe jer). In fact, she never seen me cry before. Weekk!

Finally  she arrived safely in Sydney, once she hv a chance 2 on9. She reply me 2 told that she already disembarked. So Tia, I hope u have a great time there. Use all the time wisely. Start a new book, as u told me before u leave. I wait for a miracle! What is it? It is any good changes or transform of her :)

Saturday, February 12, 2011

A Party For Miss Tia.

This is all happened on end of Jan 2011. Happy belated birthday to my dear friend, Tia. Getting old means u gain more experience in life. Cool! Like me! Ehekk~ Actually I would like to suprised her about the place but I mentioned it. Ouch!

A dinner change to a small party, when i sneak in to the cake counter while others having a chit chat at outside  (open air section). I went back to our table with a piece of tiramisu cake with a candle placed on top. Lilin padam. Spoiled! I laughed myself. Hahaha~ "Dik, pinjam balik lighter", I asked to the waiter again :)

Oh ya, as Tia will go to Sydney at any time, the party is also regarded as a farewell party to her. Hopefully she like! In fact, she was planning to go to Full House a day before. What a coincidence! See! I have a strong  sense. Hee..

Jangan pelik nape kek ni kecik.sume same saiz.noob.
Celebrate for Tia.
Fara kowt.
Oppy!comel gle kn?tak!ensem jerk.muahaha~
Yusdy!!my senior who's flying from Sabah.doin attachment at my office at d moment.
I laughed from the beginning til d end~
Those who join the evening..photographer group.
Yan, Fara & Tia.
At last, they met after 3,4 years knew as virtual friend.yay!
Having a tea pose b4 leave ;p

I would like to express my HUGE thanx 2 oppy, my best friend for all the pics which taken by him. Good job!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Wedding Edition

The most exciting moment after you leave a school for a looongg time is when u have a chance to meet your classmate back. Am right. It's been ages. Plus minus, almost 10 years yawl! We are former student of Form 4 & 5 Amanah in SMKBBBangi. Not really  change at all. Still look young like a long time ago!<weee>. In fact, when Illi RSVP me last 2 month automatically i reply with 'attend'. Thought not to missed a chance to grap the opportunity to meet up my old classmate as many as I can, if they can make it.

So, for the wedding edition for this weekend was held at Double Tree Hilton KL.The bride is my ex-classmate Illi Nadiah (U r so so beautiful last evening with the make up n dress) and the groom is Hatta Malik (U r lucky 2 hv her!). I would love to say here that the occasion was pretty much grand. Hee~ Good job to all who's involved. Here are some pics to share :)

While waiting for Sheila, I used a time to write something.
The doorgift except the cutlery ;p
When the brides entered the hall,the spotlight was pointing to them. Siap ade asap2 lg. Like a fairy tale.cewwahh!
Pelamin yang indah. Purple & white as a base made a soft touch..
Makan beradab
Chatting non-stop~~~
With the Brides. Gorgeous! 
Manusia meninggalkan nama~

We're having fun last evening. Giler ramai photographer u! Im the only 1 who look at my camera.wushhh~
Dina, Sheila, Along & Fara.
Hope 2 c u guys again! xoxo~

p/s- Guys, do review this post for the next 10 years.weee~

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Dine in @ Tony Roma's

Happy Chinese New Year!

Ok,this time around i might said that im having a looonngggg holiday.Memandangkan cuti raya ini jatuh pada hari khamis & jumaat. So,4 days direct! yehhuuu~~ (need to write down what to do in day-1 until day-4 to prevent from wastage leave. This kind of leave kan without record. Bagus kan i.peace!)

After spending a day. We are having a 'makan besar' (raye Cine kann) or feast at Tony Roma's YKS outlet. Kekekee.. Cume xde Yee Sang jer ;p. I got the opportunity to choose for dining tonight. <yay>

After making an order they give a hot bread from the grill serves with butter, not as usual butter because it mix with herbs. It taste like garlic bread when u spead on bread. They are f.o.c. So u can ask for more instead of waiting for the food come. Ahaa..the drawing face is did by the waitress, she introduce me their special ketchup in that way :)

Our appertizer, 'potato skin'. Gler kentang sgt suke! U MUST TRY, u wont regret of the 1st bites until u realize 'this is not enough.. i need more! sabar,ade banyak lagi food nak try ok. What's on top? For the topping they are covered with cheese (oh,i love cheese!) and sprinkled with some beef bacon. Plus, they r crispy! That's the reason why i love most.<answered>

For the next following starter is 'Kick'in Shrimp'. To the shrimp lover highly recommended for u! They are deep fried and mix with mayo & sweet chilli thai sauce. They serve together with shredded lettuce and cabbage. As u can see at the glass, they are under the shrimp! So, using the 2 stick mixing them~ For the finishing they are sprinkled with same sesame seeds. What's more? Mengujakan,arhh..

Here it come our main course lala..'bountiful beef ribs' with 2 side items. I choose corn and presco salad. So tender, i think my grandma can eat them without thinking twice cos the beef are so so tender~ The taste of bbq sauce are the secret of the signature dishes. It's a finger licking good. Try them but make sure your stomach are empty before u enter this restaurant. 

Enjoy the foods!