Sunday, January 29, 2012

Her turn to fly.

Who's the girl ?

 She's my cutie pie !

Selepas my close friend Tia, fly ke Sydney tetiba dapat news about my uni ex-roomate, Fatin (Farah) ni pula yang nak fly to Manchester T_T . Why everyone move on ?? When i bbm'ed Tia about the news. She laughed (why?) ..

Memang sedih bila jumpa mahu berpisah, tapi bila fikir positif semua ni pergi untuk mencapai cita2. (Yah all of us are ambitious girl). So kene give a fully support to them la. See me waving ~~~

Aku sebiji kacang merah yang ditinggalkn ...

Fatin memang can't live without nasi. I wonder how she could survive there. A least she told me that, now she knew how to cook rice. 

                                                  Should i thank to youtube ?  

She will always be my lil' Farah <3 
 (Yah, we have the same initial name).

  ~Remember the old days ~

I wish u all the best
Go,get what u want 
Please take care of urself
I will pray u be the best among the best
Will miss u a lot !


  1. aww~
    bila nye she's flying??
    xpe k.fara..
    kite jumpa april nti :)
    cheer up
    i'm sure one day dorg sume kt malaysia u'll be flying somewhre plak. tglkn dorg.hehe :p

  2. her flight will b around this month.
    yahh c u soon!

    im goin 2 kashmir plak.tgglkn dorg hahaa